Saturday, February 12, 2011

How To Replace A Magic Bullet Gasket

Haiti - Haiti

last week in the center have received a visit absurd (one of many).
'm doing the rounds in pediatrics when I warn that there is a group of Canadian volunteers who want to talk to me.
arrival at the entrance and find myself in front of the group I'm crazy.
five thugs. five behemoths gym. all the same.

logo hat with sunglasses

stethoscope around his neck black T-shirt size small to show muscles

tattoos of khaki shorts with side pockets
boots "swat".
paramedics tell me to be Canadian.
say they take to donate a bag full of tablets to disinfect water. I wonder if we need help. - But really ... we already have our local staff - answered.
- so everything is under control? - Insist. - Yes, if you can do a show around the center - decided to refuse hospitality. tell me to hurry. if we do not need help
prefer to go somewhere else for relief operations.
powerful handshake. they turn around and leave.

hurry?? arrived two days ago in Haiti after three months of emergency cholera!
the face of timing!


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